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It is not unusual that at some point in time in our lives we all face financial emergencies. Those would be very tense moments in our lives and many of us wonder how we landed in such a situation and what happened to all the money we earned in our lives. A moment of reflection beckons us. some of us are lucky to overcome this moment with the help of friends, family and well wishers. Some of us are not that lucky. Those moments leave a deep scar on our psyche personally and alter our lives completely from that point on-wards. Many of us resolve never to be in such a situation again. However, Life is such that we end up getting caught in the daily grind of life and forget the incident until one fine day we wake up staring at another crisis.

Life is uncertain. Change is constant and unexpected things happen all he time. The only way out is to plan and work the plan. Money is an important part of life. It is our source of sustenance, our means of survival and our tool to support our family. It should be utilized properly and meaningfully so that we can live our lives to the fullest, meet out responsibilities and obligations, protect ourselves and our families in terms of emergencies, lead a good, self sufficient life in our golden years and if possible leave some wealth to our progeny.

Planning how to handle money then becomes our topmost priority. As some wise guy put it “Shit happens in life… “. We cannot control it. Risks are inherent in everything we do. The only thing we can do is to manage those risks effectively. More so with money. Panicking is unnecessary. Planning therefore becomes paramount.

I am starting this blog so that I can share my understanding on Money, Personal Financial Risks we face as Individuals and how to plan our finances so that we mitigate our risks and lead a peaceful life.

I plan to make this blog interactive. You can read and post your comments. You can suggest what topics you would want to see on the blog post and i would try to cover them.

I mainly intend to cover topics on Risk and Insurance Planning, Personal Tax Planning, Retirement Planning, Investment Planning and Estate Planning. I would also be covering important and essential concepts of personal finance in a simple to understand language without involving too much technical jargon and formulas. Hope you would like it.

I am aware there are hundreds of blogs on the internet dealing with personal financial planning. Having gone through a lot of these blogs, I felt that they lack in one crucial way. A template / workflow to make it easy for a layman to start planning his finance without having to understand each and every product available on the market or running to a financial planner..

I plan to discuss and include simple tools that are helpful in arriving at a financial plan for a individual and help him choose the best instrument that will help in fulfillment of the plan.

So, let us start on the journey for a financially well planned and secure future !

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